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Keystone Academy Libraries: PS Library Guide to Online Learning

PS Library Guide to Online Learning 小学图书馆在线学习指南

Here is a guideline for you to use the online resources of your beloved PS Library.  


Students: Library resources and databases can be found on the library Clever pages (students please use your Clever QR code to access).  

Parents: Library resources and databases are located on our website. Please log into the library catalog for specific passwords (see below for catalog login information). 


Library Account图书馆账户 



Student 学生 

first name.last name 名.姓 

e.g. 例如 

Password to login in their laptops 


Family 家庭账户 

(Student’s login name 孩子登陆名).family: 

e.g. 例如 

Student’s birthday 孩子生日: 


e.g. 例如20141016 


Library staff will be on duty during working hours, as usual. For any questions, please contact us at 我们小学图书馆员的老师在工作时间都会在线办公,如有问题,请通过这个Email地址联系我们。 

We hope you make full use of this special period and stay healthy. We look forward to seeing a more mature and learned version of you! 希望大家能利用好这段时间,在保持健康的同时,充实自己。希望开学后,见到一个更加成熟、更加博学的你! 


Visit the Primary School Library Stream Group.

PS Library Resources at a Glance 小学图书馆资源一览

BrainPOP BrainPOP Jr Britannica School Elementary Britannica ImageQuest Gale in Context Elementary National Geographic Kids Newsela


PebbleGO PebbleGO Next Science Sora WorldBook 读秀 Duxiu 超星发现

Students can use Clever to access the databases. Parents should log into the catalog Destiny to find database passwords.



***Access to Sora is limited at this time.***


Keystone Academy Libraries
No. 11 An Fu Street
Houshayu, Shunyi District
Beijing, China 101318
Phone: (86 10) 8049 6008