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Keystone Academy Libraries: MS Library Guide to Online Learning

MS Library Guide to Online Learning 初中图书馆在线学习指南

Dear MS students and parents, 

亲爱的初中生们 及家长们, 

In light of the recent developments of the coronavirus, all Keystone libraries are closed to parents. You are welcome to use online resources. For borrowing MS library items, please follow: 



  1. Please look up the books you would like to borrow in the library catalog and send an email of your wish list to


  1. Each student account is entitled to check out 5 books. 


  1. After you receive a confirmation email, please drop by Keystone (9am - 3pm) to pick up your books on a desk (MS Library) at the south gate. 


  1. We encourage you to return the books to the guards at the south gate as well – we want students to share and discuss what they have read! 



Here are guidelines for you to use the online resources of the MS Library.  



First please click this link to get to the Library website. We have some great recommendations for you.  



As for the usernames and passwords of the following specific resources, you need to log into Destiny with your own username and password, due to respect for intellectual property. If you don’t know your username and password, please refer to the chart below: 


Library Account图书馆账户 



Student 学生 

first name.last name 名.姓 

e.g. 例如 

Password to log in to their laptops 


Family 家庭账户 

(Student’s login name 孩子登陆名).family: 

e.g. 例如 

Student’s birthday 孩子生日: 


e.g. 例如20141016 


Library staff will be on duty during working hours as usual. For any questions, please contact us at  



Please contact either Ms. Grace Ma( or Ms. Ruifen Rachel Du( for subject- or research-related questions.  

与学科相关或学术研究方面的问题,请直接联系图书馆的 马老师( 和杜老师(。


Please note that we will email you with further updates.  



MS Library Online Resources at a Glance 初中图书馆资源一览 

Keystone Academy Libraries
No. 11 An Fu Street
Houshayu, Shunyi District
Beijing, China 101318
Phone: (86 10) 8049 6008