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Guides and tutorials on how to use NoodleTools



What is NoodleTools?

How do I access NoodleTools?

To access NoodleTools:

  1. Go to the NoodleTools login page at
  2. Since NoodleTools is web-based, you can access it anytime and anywhere if you have a computer and internet access. 
  3. Click "Sign In with Microsoft 365" on the right side of the page under "Or Sign In / Register With . . . ."
  4. Enter your Microsoft account information to log in.  

You need to log in with your Keystone Microsoft account so you will be recognized as a Keystone student. 

NoodleTools Guides for Students

How do I set up a Teacher NoodleTools account?

Before you begin to work in NoodleTools, you will need to create a new account starting from the NoodleTools Sign In page: Follow the steps in the slideshow below.

1. At the Sign In page, click "Sign In with Microsoft 365" on the right side of the page under "Or Sign In / Register With . . . ."

NoodleTools Sign In Page

2. Select "Create a new account."

NoodleTools Sign In Page

3. Select "I am a teacher or librarian" and click Submit.

NoodleTools Teacher Sign In Page

4. Click Save Profile.

NoodleTools Teacher Profile Page

5. Your Projects Page will appear. Start working in NoodleTools!

Projects Page

NoodleTools Guides for Teachers

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