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Citing and Referencing

A Guide to Citing and Referencing at Keystone Academy.

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Referencing Sources Not in the Language of Submission

Referencing Sources Not in the Language of Submission

An extended essay can use sources in languages other than that of submission where appropriate. In these situations, the IB advises that the sources be used as necessary, and that: 

  1. When referred to in the body of the extended essay as a quotation, the translation is given and the original quotation is placed as a footnote.
  2. When a source is acknowledged in the bibliography, it should be referenced in its original language. Where there is no official published translation, the student should write a brief summary alongside the source in the language of submission of a) the title, b) name of the author, c) the focus of the work and d) any other relevant details. This way, the examiner can assess the relevance and suitability of the source as required. 
  3. The translation of the text should be done by the student if there is no official translation. The supervisor should help ensure as best as possible that the translation is accurate and representative of the original text. In selecting sources, the nature of the subject in question needs to be considered -- for example, in a language acquisition essay, it is vital that students work mostly with authentic materials in the target language. 

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